Now Meghalaya Police trainees sings song: and creates the video viral like earlier done on Nagaland IRB training

Dimapur, October 31, (NE): The Meghalaya Police inorder to get good attention from the masses uses an innovative idea by creating quite a routine like performance of song being sung by trainees of 4th MLP Battalion (Cham, Chama, Cham cham) – by making the video viral, quite like the one which happened with Nagaland Police force (IRB) trainees at Chumoukedima, Dimapur (Dhal Gaya Din).

The Meghalaya Police or any Police of the country their duties simply to protect from misuse of the law remains quite the same. Likewise, it is the opportunity that matters for one, in creating the positive vibes especially when the Police Force is concerned. That’s why, engaging with innovativeness is the need of the hour.

Therefore, this along with other reasons makes them do the best way in highlighting their activities as well as giving a message to the public that they are also public friendly and not otherwise.

It is just a matter of time to see that the video goes viral in creating the positive sides in Meghalaya along with the Nagaland Police as they are boost with positive attitude among them in line of duties wherever being sent by respective governments including the Government of India from time as required.