November 30 night – Nagaland to spend as Christmas Nightwatch

(Foot path to Longsa Baptist Church, Wokha)

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, November 30 (NE): Yes, it is very common in every colony of village, town or city here at Nagaland on November thirty tonight – with youths and alike to welcome a Happy smile for a Blessed December – to remember the birth of Christ, as December twenty five is celebrated as Christmas.

It becomes a nostalgic moment in every corner of the street by November thirty evening. Lot’s of music humming to guitar tune will be heard. Children’s noises including the young one’s voices become stronger by the night, with even few crackers from many places sprung – so one can be alert, just to know that December is coming and Christmas is very near. All those are few incidences where every citizen of Nagaland will recall.

These are true, just times have change and one may not see those fun moments; but come to Nagaland, one will only wish to stay for lifelong. It’s due to various reasons that those nostalgic moment of time is not coming back; but, needless to say, everything is open here at Nagaland.
Nagaland is one of the best state in India – with innocence all around, still.

It is the time of the year, where family and friends meet to the closest. It starts from tonight, in every street, the villages including the towns or cities that lots of interaction of foregone tales are repeated like never before.

So, come November thirty midnight and get the best glimpses of Nagaland – with the best Naga hospitality, either the yummy pork in the plate, or any other savory items as one awaits to welcome the Christmas season in the fullest.

Most of the Churches will host midnight services sharing the importance of Christmas to be in one’s heart.

The losing ones are those who are in metropolitan cities not able to come and join the family, specially on time.
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