Northeast India’s ‘Twitter Storm’ trending at 2nd & 3rd spot

Northeast India's 'Twitter Storm' trending at 2nd & 3rd spot

Kohima, June 04 (NEx): ‘Twitter Storm,’ a virtual campaign initiated by the students bodies and universities across Northeastern region of India to eradicate the plague of racism that continues to spread vehemently against the people of Northeast is literally taking the Twitter by storm and trending at second and third spot with over 1,50,000 tweets at 09:30 pm on Friday.

The virtual campaign through the micro-blogging site, Twitter started on June 04, 2021 from 06:00 pm, to appeal the government of India for inclusion of a mandatory chapter in relation to Northeast India in the NCERT textbooks.

#NortheastMatters and #AchapterforNE are the hashtags used by the people for the virtual campaign in Twitter from across the Northeastern region of India while raising their concern on increasing cases of racist slur against the people of Northeast region in the country.

With over 1,56,000 tweets with hashtag #NortheastMatters is trending in Twitter at second spot at 09:30 pm while #AchapterforNE hashtag trending at third spot with over 1,47,000 tweets. Large numbers of people have joined the Twitter to express their support to this virtual campaign.

Students’ bodies and various individuals expressed that ‘the racism is an evil that need to be uprooted and the most pre-eminent approach to achieve this is through education. Educating the masses and especially the ignorant about the significance of Northeast India through the inclusion of a mandatory chapter concerning the rich history of Northeast India in the NCERT textbooks will go a long way to uproot the evil of racism from its very root.’

‘There is absolutely no doubt that the #NorthEastMatters. It is essential that a chapter on the NorthEast is included in the NCERT syllabus. We must know our own country better’ tweeted MP, Shashi Tharoor.

‘The isolation of the North East from the rest of India will only stop when our history sees the light. Educate our generation, let the North East see the light!’ – shares a user while supporting the campaign.

‘How will having material on Northeast culture in NCERT textbooks change racism is a question being asked by some. While there is no single solution to counter racism, education remains a key method to counter racism arising due to ignorance’ – tweeted another user.