North East Dr. T. Ao Trophy 2020 from January 18: Nagaland Team players name released

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, January 2 (NE): North East Dr. T. Ao Trophy, 2020 is to be held from January 18 to 28, 2020, at IG Stadium, Kohima, Nagaland.

Team Nagaland has the following players:

Neithovilie Chalieu (1)
Kevikielie PienyĆ¼ (27)

Vikethozo Zhotso (3)
Sanyem Konyak (4)
Olando Yimchunger (5)
Hemping (14)
Nighatu Assumi (12)
Letkhokai Kuki (15)

Haotinmang Thomsong (21)
Sinenlo Kath (6)
Medoneituo Sekhose (7)
Kekhrieletuo Tsira (11)
Kethosilie Zatsu (16)
Ratobe N Poireng Zeliang (17)
Hitova Ayemi (19)
Kakhevi Assumi (9)

Rhitsho Mero (10)
Khwetelhi Thopi (23)
Limakumzuk Ao (8)
Imlongchaba (20)

Team Coach:
Mr Roko Angami

Team Manager:
Mr Colo Mero

In a notification, the public are requested to come, watch the sport and extend support to the players from Nagaland. The new team of Nagaland Football Association (NFA) will be committed to development of the beautiful game Football in Nagaland. “Your support and patronage in every possible way will be important”, unquote.
All North East India states have confirmed to participate in the Trophy. And further informations are awaited.

It is important to note that Dr. T. Ao is stated to be first Indian captain in Olympic Games, who is regarded as the Player on Barefoot. Currently, the Running Trophy is initiated under the patronage of Nagaland Government in honor of his great legacy so as to promote sports particularly in Nagaland & beyond.