Noklak Police Anti Drugs Squad Arrests Two Accused

(Arrested accused along with seized items at Noklak)

Kohima, May 07 (NEx): Anti drugs squad of Noklak Police arrested two alleged accused in the early morning hours of May 7th, 2021 and seized the following items- one pulsar bike, 1040 tablets of jagril spas, 950 spasmoproxyvn capsules, 2690 spasm care & 750 tablets of .5mg Alprazolam.

The Superintendent of Police Noklak, Dr. Pritpal Kaur informed that all the seized items along with the arrested alleged accused were forwarded to court of JMFC Tuensang after all legal formalities.

Later, while the investigation was going on, one more person who was an accomplice was also arrested. Hence, he was also forwarded to Tuensang court along with the earlier two accused.

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