Noklak: Livelihood and Skills Training held for persons undergoing drug De-addiction

Noklak: Livelihood and Skills Training held for persons undergoing drug De-addiction
(Livelihood and Skills Training held for persons undergoing drug De-addiction at Noklak on September 19, 2020)

Kohima, September 20 (NEx): Noklak Police (SP Noklak Dr. Pritpal kaur IPS) along with OST centre (Mr. J. khumong), Agriculture Department Noklak (Mr. Cholen) and (Khiamniungans Baptist Church Association) (Mr. Samuel) conducted a Seminar and taught Livelihood and Skills Training on Farming, Apiculture and Vermicompost to persons undergoing De-addiction from drugs at Noklak Village Council Hall on September 19, 2020.

The seminar was conducted to motivate them to choose life and livelihood after finishing their treatment which was attended by more than 100 participants.

SP, Pritpal Kaur informing to NagalandExpress about the event said, “Noklak has drug menace since long and as a doctor I used to help in counseling for OST treatment and as police I used to conduct raids and follow legal procedures. Then I thought, what is the next step for real reformation of the persons stuck in drug addiction. Best would be Providing skills training so that they may earn their own livelihood. This could help them in income generation and their family requirements. Therefore, we collaborated with agriculture department Noklak, KBCA and OST center”-unquote.

The participants were motivated and counseled to leave drug addiction and to see a new pathway for life and career. They were given OST treatment dose in the morning and later they were taught Vermicompost techniques, Farming and Apiculture.

Vermicompost and honey bee rearing is very easy, cost effective, and it doesn’t need big farmlands and gives good earning. Khiamniungans are very talented and hard working tribe and we can’t lose our youth just because of drugs. Hence, making them self dependent and showing them the path for a new life is the best way to reformation, SP affirmed.

Livelihood and Skills Training organised by Noklak Police under the initiative of Dr Pritpal Kaur Batra IPS, SP Noklak is a step to bring Back the youth to the Right Track of life.

SP Noklak is actively involved in the fight against Drugs and this is a new way to fight against Drugs & Drug Addicts. Helping them to Choose Life, motivating them, making them Skilled & Self-Reliant so that they can come back to the Track of Life with a Purpose.