No sign of traffic reducing despite lock-down in parts of Nagaland

(Dimapur and Kohima city traffic during the lock-down today, March 30, 2020)

Dimapur, March 30 (NE): When the whole world is in a battle against an unseen enemy, Covid-19 pandemic, the pictures and reports are coming in from different parts of Nagaland, is a matter of concern for the fight against the spread of coronavirus in the state.

Undoubtedly, the lockdown has caused difficulties to normal life for which the central and the state government has no other option other than to take hard measures to stop the spread and to contain the coronavirus. Now, it needs to be seen on the effectiveness of this orders and advisories.

As per the reports received here, Dimapur and Kohima has seen vehicular traffic despite the lockdown. People were coming out in large numbers to buy day-to-day essentials to survive during the lock-down period. It is important to note that the government has shortened the shopping hours in different districts of Nagaland.

But basic needs during the lockdown is a concern for many people, now it is also reported that many ATMs are running out of cash, which is another concern for people.

While pictures of people maintaining social distancing have been shared in different social media platforms from Nagaland to create a positive vibe and to encourage people, as per reports received, the ground realities in some places are different, especially from Kohima and Dimapur town. Netizens are also seen sharing pictures and live video from Dimapur and Kohima leaving many concerned and questioning, ‘Are we seriously on lockdown?’

During this rush hours allowed for shopping, there were hardly anyone seen following social distancing at some areas of Dimapur and Kohima especially today. There were no officials present to observe on the lockdown orders. Many have already raised their concerns about this situation.

It is important for People to understand the objective of the shutdown and the gravity of the situation before it is too late, perhaps government also have to play a larger role in creating awareness, within a week more than 10 orders / advisories have been issued back to back, which was hardly known in some remote parts of the districts.