NNPGs condemns murder in broad daylight at Kohima

Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) condemns murder of an alleged extortionist in broad daylight at Kohima. Working Committee (WC) of NNPGs

Kohima, June 29 (NE): The Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), Working Committee (WC) condemned the murder of an alleged extortionist in broad daylight at Kohima and appealed the Naga people to distinguish between extortionists and genuine National workers.

In a press release, the working committee of NNPGs on June 28 said that the cold blooded killing of an alleged extortionist at Kohima on June 23rd by the so-called anti- extortionist squad is deeply disturbing to say the least irrespective of whether deceased victim was an associated or belonged to any Naga political group, gunning down an unarmed man is cowardice.

The WC of NNPGs hitting out at the police said, ‘As trained men, the police were expected to display tactical acumen, awareness and arrest or subdue the suspect. It is clear that this trigger-happy buffoons, mostly backdoor appointees with fake High School certificates, are not fit to be assigned in the streets’.

Also, WC alleged that the Police endanger the lives of citizens more than anyone else, and warned that harassing and terrorizing the public will be counterproductive.There are eyewitnesses who watched in horror the act of Murder at Kohima town. To shoot a man in the head and later justify saying it went off accidentally in a scuffle is frivolous. This heinous crime is a blot on the police department which is not acceptable at all, it added.

WC said that it will not remain mute spectators in future. Nagaland is small and so who pulled the trigger will also be known. They also said that the fingerprints of police extortionists are glaring in all revenue generating fields like offices, shops, markets, transit gates, transporters, other businesses down to mineral water vendors in pavements and questioned as to who are the real extortionists.

It also reminded Police Force that Naga National workers inherited a political legacy and responsibility which precedes Indian Independence. From the inception of our struggle, nominal contribution to the cause has been mandatory. The question of extortion therefore, does not arise. Our political struggle is for the Nagas by the Nagas, to salvage our history and political right, it said.

We will continue to seek contributions from Naga Well wishers and non-Naga business establishments in Nagaland, it must continue through mutual respect. The present time is a struggle for all sections of people economically which is visible, however, there is a class of people who neither contribute, both in good and bad times, nor understand the political and historical right of the Nagas. In connivance with enemies, they aim to destroy the aspiration of the Naga people. History will record their names, it said.

WC, NNPGs also said that it is putting every effort to sustain the Naga political movement and that their responsibility is to secure an honorable and acceptable political solution for all Nagas at the earliest.

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