NITI AAYOG Rieterates on NGO Darpan Portal

Kohima, February 26 (NE): NITI Aayog has developed NGO Darpan Portal to capture details of NGOs/CSOs, etc, functioning in the country and as of now, about 84000 NGOs/CSOs have registered on NGO Darpan Portal. Darpan Portal capture various details such as PAN & Aadhaar details of Office Bearers and PAN & Registration Certificate of Entities. All these documents are verified online/manually to ascertain the authenticity of documents.

To bring transparency & accountability in Grant in Aid system & also to curtail duplicity of Grants, Government of India has made it mandatory to all Central Ministries/Departments to verify the NGO credentials online using the Web Services of NGO Darpan Portal and not to release grants to such NGOs/CSOs/VOs which are not registered on NGO Darpan Portal.

NITI Aayog has also requested States & UTs to be onboard with NGO Darpan Portal using Web Services and verify the credentials of NGOs/CSOs online to prevent duplicity & embezzlements of Grants/Funds but most of the States/UTs are yet to link/integrate their Grant in Aid portal with NGO Darpan Portal using Web Services to ensure the transparency & accountability of Grant in Aid system.

All Grant giving Departments in the State/UT have been requested to develop the Grant in Aid portals and link/integrate with NGO Darpan Portal (via Web Services) so that Government can monitor the NGOs/CSOs availing Grants from multiple sources & also ensure transparency in the system.