Newlywed couple gets anticipatory bail today

(Photo of the newlyweds which went viral in social media)

Dimapur, November 13 (NE): The newlywed couple who were caught under the instructions from His Excellency, the Governor of Nagaland due to viral videos including pictures of them with guns after the wedding, were given anticipatory bail today on November thirteen through instructions that both of them will cooperate with the investigating agencies whenever if necessary called, till the matter is logically concluded.

In this regards, Dimapur police also arrested two individuals of GPRN / NSCN (NK) namely (i) Mr.Ato Sumi (23 yrs) S/o Nevishe, V/o. Zhekishe, PS- Niuland Dimapur (ii) Mr.Mughaho (28 yrs) S/o Kikheto, Satakha, Zunheboto for allowing unauthorized display of firearms in contravention to ceasefire ground rules, today on November 13, 2019.

The unfortunate newlywed couple has finally learned lessons of never to take law in their hands – also for others as this days; it has become very easy to get viral of even a simple photo being clicked for oneself. Hope they have a peaceful time from now on.

It is pertinent to note that those viral videos including pictures were distributed to various social media groups and finally ended up as a news item both in regional and national media – making the Governor to quickly issue an order of enquiry about the whole episode. Moreover, the Government of India is trying to give out the final verdict of crucial talks happening with various groups of the Nagas.