Newly constructed ICU Room at CHC Jalukie inaugurated by Advisor, Namri Nchang

Newly constructed ICU Room at CHC Jalukie inaugurated by Advisor, Namri Nchang, today, September 18, 2020
(Advisor, Namri Nchang inaugurating newly constructed ICU Room at CHC Jalukie | Photo: DPRO, Peren)

Peren, September 18 (NEx): The Advisor Water Resources, Government of Nagaland, Shri Namri Nchang, today inaugurated the newly constructed ICU Room at CHC Jalukie under Peren district in the presence of District Administration, Medical Department and Public leaders of Peren District.

According to a report by DPRO, Peren, the newly ICU Room construction work commenced on June 3rd, 2020 and has been constructed at a total expenditure of Rs. 4,69,712. The dedicatory prayer was said by Executive Secretary ZBCC, Izieteilung Tereing.

Speaking at the inaugural programme, Advisor, Namri Nchang congratulated each and every individual for their generous contribution in order to give the citizens of Peren District what is mostly in need. He also extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to those who have come up with the idea for construction of ICU and further lauded the construction committee for taking care from the beginning till its completion.

In his speech, he also said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, and challenged the citizens to contribute in the same way for the welfare of the public. The Advisor also stated, for the past so many years we are lacking behind in all this field, today the denizens from our District has made us realised by setting an exemplary deed by bringing our need right at the door step.

Since the inception of our Statehood and formation of Peren District, the most needed developmental activity for the welfare of the society has been taken up by the public and for which the Advisor lauded them for bringing Pride, Glory and Success.

Furthermore, the Advisor also added that amidst this difficult and trying times, where most people around the globe has been affected due to the outbreak of the Novel Corona disease, he immensely thanked God for the wondrous love and mercies, where no COVID dead has been reported from Peren District.

(Newly constructed ICU Room at CHC Jalukie | Photo: DPRO, Peren)

The programme was chaired by Namnabi Hegui while short speech was also delivered by NZPO President, Kevipelie and vote of thanks was proposed by SMO CHC Jalukie, Dr. Yetovi Tuccu wherein he appreciated the kind gesture of Hon’ble Advisor for his tireless efforts in doing so much for the welfare of the people. It was through him that all necessary equipments and facilities were made available.