NDPP observes 2nd foundation day on May 17

ndpp observes 2nd foundation day
NDPP leaders at its 2nd Foundation Day observation on May 17. (Photo Courtesy: NDPP Media & Communication Cell)

Dimapur: The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party observed its 2nd Foundation Day on the May 17 with a thanksgiving programme at ‘Nousi’ Auditorium, Niathu Resort Chumoükedima. The programme was attended by the President Chingwang Konyak and members of the party along with its Legislators.

A press release issued by NDPP Media & Communication Committee today, stated several party leaders addressed the gathering. Introductory remark was delivered by Alemtemshi Jamir, working President where he highlighted that the journey of the party is the result of the concerted efforts of the President, Secretary General and founding members. He said that the word “Democratic” which is part of the NDPP is most appropriate.

Chingwang Konyak in his presidential address acknowledged all the members and appreciated the dedication, loyalty and service of all party functionaries for making the party grow from strength to strength in the last two years. The President exuded confidence that its candidates will emerge victorious even in the presently concluded election. This, he said, was the result of the dedicated efforts of all party members.

The President of the Youth Organisation, Kelhouneizo Yhome in his short speech appreciated the efforts and sacrifices of the party leadership and the Chief Minister in establishing the NDPP. He also expressed the belief of the youth that the NDPP and its leadership will lead Nagaland to greater heights.

K. T. Sukhalu addressed the gathering on behalf of all the Legislators. He appreciated the vision of the founding members for coming up with the concept of establishing a regional party in the state based on the sentiments and desire of the people. Sukhalu stated that the slogan “Change” is physically visible and that people are slowly realising that the NDPP led PDA is for change. He added that change should also not only pertain to our policies and development, but we also need change in our mindset and way of living for that change to become wholesome.

Secretary General, Abu Metha highlighted the achievements of the NDPP led PDA government with the victory in the general elections of 2018 being the first and foremost. He mentioned how a fledging party that was hardly a year old could manage a victory that left many people stunned at the achievement of the NDPP in such a short time.

He also mentioned that the NDPP being a democratic party also follows the open-door policy wherein anyone wanting to join its folds is more than welcome to join and that we do not follow the policy of discrimination but follow the policy of accommodativeness.

The program was chaired by Visevonuo Bebi, President of the NDPP Women Organisation and prayer of blessing was given by Athsan Yimchunger, Pastor of the Yimchunger Baptist Church Dimapur.

The treasurer gave the concluding remark where he appreciated everyone who could attend the program and all the participants especially Vibeizonuo Rupreo, Lead Vocalist, Purple who enthralled the gathering with her melodious voice and songs.

(Courtesy: NDPP Media & Communication Cell)