NDPP censures Counter Rejoinder by NPP

Kohima, June 09 (NE): The NDPP issued another statement on June 08, 2020 and clarified that the rejoinder of the NDPP was not meant to deter or challenge anyone’s democratic rights as erroneously construed by the NPP.

The party stated that selective amnesia seems to plague the NPP because it has completely failed to appreciate and recognise the Herculean task the Government functionaries along with all frontline workers are facing to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and placement of thousands of returnees from outside the state in the last few weeks.

With the limited resources at our disposal, the government is doing its best to accommodate our brethren returning back home, informed the NDPP, and also said that though the number of returnees is overwhelming, the Government, with active support and involvement of all sections of the society, have thus far managed to lodge, transport and segregate according to the health status of the returnees.

The party also announced to increase the number of test facilities to handle the backlog judiciously.

It has requested responsible political parties including NPP to stop burying their heads in the sand and start to appreciate the positive aspects taking place in the face of this pandemic which has taken mankind by surprise.

Also urged responsible citizen of the State and country to contribute to the fight against the virus rather than discourage those who are striving tirelessly to tackle the threat.

As far as the matter of the two erstwhile NPP MLAs merging with the NDPP is concerned they, the NDPP said that they are well aware of the web of contradictions they were trapped in.

The NDPP appealed all sections of the society to avoid finger pointing and blame games during these trying and difficult times when the state along with the rest of the world is combating the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Also, the party urged not to create panic situation but rather encourage, cooperate and support the front line workers, govt agencies who are putting all efforts in ensuring safety of the people.

It also state that fundamental rights are not absolute lest it goes hand in hand with fundamental duties.

Acknowledging the lapses and shortcomings, the party assured that the govt machineries will continue to correct and improve wherever necessary. The upgradation of medical facilities in all districts is on a war footing, which is most crucial at this moment.