NCF, NEIWAC & NSUC reports on CM Relief Fund implementation in Chennai

(NCF Chennai Pastor & NSUC President with volunteers distributing ration)

Kohima, April 15 (NE): Naga Christian Fellowship Chennai (NCF), North East India Welfare Association Chennai (NEIWAC) and Naga Students’ Union Chennai (NSUC) collectively through a press release gave a statement of the phase 1 nation-wide lockdown due to Covid-19, for which the Nagaland Government released ₹1,00,000 from the Nagaland CM relief fund for Covid-19 to the people of Nagaland who are stranded in and around Chennai.

The Union informed that it helped 205 people from Nagaland who are stranded in the city by distributing ration (rice, dal and cooking oil) to 126 people and financial support of ₹1,000/- each to 79 most needy individuals, from the fund. Moreover, there are hundreds of people from Nagaland who are still in need of basic food and shelter because of losing their jobs and closing down of institutions as the lockdown has been extended, it said.

The unions expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister of Nagaland, Shri. Neiphiu Rio, Shri. C Shanavas, Principal Director School Education Department and Shri. Asale Lese, Under Secretary, Government of Nagaland for the generous support and trusting the unions to take in-charge to help our people on behalf of the Government of Nagaland.

A detailed report of the Nagaland CM Relief Fund implementation in Chennai has been submitted to the Government of Nagaland on April 14, 2020.

Now, Chennai being a red zone, the hardships of the students and unskilled workers from Nagaland has been growing day by day, and we are looking forward for the continuous support from the Nagaland state government and well-wishers, it stated.