NCF appeals govt to arrange transportation for stranded “vulnerable Nagas”

Kohima, May 03 (NE): The Naga Christian Fellowship (NCF) highlighting the plight of stranded citizens of Nagaland due to nationwide lockdown, made an appeal to the Chief Minister to arrange transportation for stranded “vulnerable Nagas” at the earliest and provide all the necessary medical facilities on their arrival in Nagaland.

NCF submitted a Memorandum to the Hon’ble Chief Minister on Saturday, May 02, 2020 in acknowledging the efforts taken up by the Government of Nagaland to fight COVID-19 pandemic also made an appeal to the Govt of Nagaland to kindly arrange transportation for stranded “vulnerable Nagas”

There are many Nagas who are in difficult situation and are vulnerable due to Covid-19 nationwide lockdown. The majority of the Nagas working outside are employed in unorganized sectors and are now left without salary or have lost their job, highlights the Memorandum submitted by Wapangtoshi, Convenor, NCF Forum.

Many students are not allowed to stay in their hostels or paying guests, because of which they are now taking shelter with their friends, and some of them are asked to vacate by house owners. Many are facing problems such as financial difficulties, food scarcity, accommodation, payment of rent, psychological and mental stress. Some are surviving somehow in shelter homes, it added.

It is very disheartening for us to have come across our own people who have been surviving with just tea and biscuits; some who have nothing more to cook. There are also many Naga patients with their family members stranded in the cities with very little resources and wanting to go home. Moreover, Nagas/ Northeast people are more prone to racial discrimination due to our mongoloid feature, which aggravates in a situation like this.

The NCF pastors and the Naga Students’ Union leaders in various cities have been bombarded with
numerous frantic calls from stranded Nagas and we have been doing our best to help them survive. Now,
with the MHA announcement of allowing the State governments to bring their people back home, we have been receiving more phone calls from distressed Nagas inquiring about the transportation to go back home, it said.

Hence, the NCF and North East Christian Fellowship pastors under Nagaland Missions Movement (NMM) the Mission’s wing of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) all over India had a video conference on May 2, 2020 and resolved to submit a memorandum, it added.