Nagas welcome New Year with ‘Thank You’ over social media: A report

Dimapur, December 31 (NE): It was a time when those moments were shared by visits during special occasions like New Year. But due to advance in technologies, the Nagas are now found using the social media in various platforms.

It has been particularly from December Twelve Nine that such observations has been made where one wishes by saying thanks and how grateful for friends being there throughout the year. It’s worthwhile to see that Nagas of today are spread far & wide not just confined to Nagaland. Nagas are in every parts of India through out the year due to various reasons that they cannot come during winter, be with own family members or attend Church services. Many are settled in foreign countries too. They are accepted and regarded as hardworking and sincere world wide. Due to Christianity and having the nature to adapt easily, the world now prefers Nagas in many ways.

There are many Nagas who have to decide either Christmas or New Year to spend particularly with their family members. As such, many have reached back home in Dimapur or Kohima and other districts to spend time for New Year.

History has been created in Nagaland for what they are and how much they achieved as modern Nagas. “Don’t underestimate us, for Nagas can take the world, like never before,” quipped a senior citizen. By fashion being on the street to any thing one can imagine, the Nagas have captured every attention. That’s why, Nagas have their own brands in clothing lines, which are export quality too, mentioned a local journalist from Dimapur. The Nagas are like never before in terms of Christian ministry that one can see a new Church or even a Fellowship in different parts of India. It is just a matter of time that one thousand missionary promise would be fulfilled in God’s ways, added a Church worker with enthusiasm.

The Nagas as per social media report, have promised themselves for 2020, with positivity in them, saying, “I have promised every year, but this coming year will be very good that I can stand to what I have decided now,” an individual on social media stated with optimistism.

Nevertheless, promises are made to be broken – as per a great English proverb, one also has to observe whether the political talks can come into a logical solution and all the Nagas can grow for real development in Nagaland this 2020.

Social media has really changed for atleast a small state like Nagaland, in which the Nagas must tame to be more advantageous in creating a new Nagaland.