Nagaland’s traffic jam: a reality to make October as a new season of the year

Dimapur, October 10 (NE): Yes, Nagaland’s traffic jam has come finally as the month of October began – with it, Nagaland can also have a new season added to make it a fifth one, besides the other four universal seasons.

The traffic woes are mostly concentrated at districts like – Dimapur and Kohima, with Mokokchung & different districts not much affected.

Why from October? The answer is simple, one that many festivals are held; secondly, marriages will also start in many places from now on; thirdly, will witness various programs from this time of the year.
Likewise, the lists are endless to put on.

Here the pertinent question is whether the government is ready to tackle the traffic menace, when they know that the peak season has arrived or are they just going to perform their duties like a normal one, on a day to day basis?

When experience count on many facets of life; then the government on duty must know the peak including the lean season of the year – that will safe many tragic deaths through careless road rashes.

It is not easy at all to mend in National/State Highway particularly in areas with potholes and also main towns. Nor, any one can dictate in their line of duties.

But, being media, Nagaland Express, felt to write for a better sense in saving citizen lives to encourage the morale of those in duties and serve the best interest of Nagaland; simply not because one is working for the Government.

Nagaland is very far from truth, if talked about roads including the current National Highways. But, atleast a chance being given by serving to Government of Nagaland then we ought to be diligent in duties when through press, we hear about the mass unemployment crisis in the state.

Officials from respective departments are definitely doing a kudos job for welfare of the public; but at the same time, the public must also see how they are working in the ground. Particularly when it’s about roads and crimes. Though, they are such subjects that the public too needs cooperation with the government in every sense. The rest can happen from the higher authorities of how a common platform be created for all.

Every year, particularly from this time of the year, we witness very difficult moment in reaching the main town from our respective areas; when even the normal fares are being sometimes blackmailed by drivers on the road – by claiming excuses for such no fault of the passengers. Those are the hard times for the citizens, say passengers; then where are they going to run asking for help?

It will be back to the Government’s table as they perform their duties and safe more public’s lives with their wits to make Nagaland – a land of milk & honey, in reality.
We are watching in anticipation!!