NagalandExpress Special Report; a big scam of the year on the make in Nagaland?

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, December 31 (NE): Perhaps the dream of having a highway by name of Super Express could fulfill one day; possible yet not practical. Here, we will find out how?

This is very true that the said Highway is under a scanner, for which few individuals/organizations has put up a PIL to honorable Guwahati High Court for the delay in the process. The reason is that the very environmental protection issues are questionable.
Unaccountable amounts are spent for the purpose of the trans-asia super Highway to create the South-East Asia corridors inorder to fulfill Act East Policy of India. Yet, anyone ever wandered about the natural landscape? Naga areas are protected by the so called Article 371 (A) where land, water & air are mentioned. But many Nagas have solemnly understood because lots of money has been put into one’s account – what else is required further.

Various questionable things has happened in the process. The same company, which could not complete the Tuli-Longleng and other district projects quite in a limbo; central government have blacklisted that company as per media reports but it is supposedly in the current construction work, being granted permission to be involved.

Likewise, lots of things will come out once a proper PIL investigation begins. The idea about creating a dream-like project is welcome but with that seer responsibilities, it is important to check all surroundings including the nature. Nagaland is popular over the world because of the beautiful nature; now, what will happen as these landscapes which are being fully targeted for vexed reasons. Nagaland will therefore have to reconsider, while attracting its tourists henceforth.

Today, one can witness snowfalls happening in almost three districts of Nagaland. Tomorrow what will lie, the nature will say – yet we will not be able to get ready or be prepared to face the consequences towards human beings. Time and again Nagaland Government officials have been traveling the world to attend programs on Climate Change (CC); but as human errs, there is no alternatives but to face the consequences together. Therefore, one may not want to hear, yet the truth as everyone has forgotten inorder to provide the best in another way – is a big scam of the year on the making?

Nagaland must welcome the Super Express but with sadness one must face more ire of nature in coming days. It is already late or never too late – but the show goes on, the Highway will be finished one day. NagalandExpress (NE) has been studying the process for the last few weeks – it is quite impressive of turning the whole road in such a mega level. Yet, nature has got its own way when mountains will tremble down having no options for anyone below. The crucial part is that devastation will be more – where just awareness on CC is not possible anymore. It has to deal with more add-ons rather than lip service. The concern NGOs will have to work harder on practical senses including the Government Departments among others. The villagers must be trained more so as to protect the villages and give information to officials dealing with natural calamities. It will become nature versus human conflict to sustain the races.

All those money recieved will go wasted, if such hints of current situation is not possibly understood. There will be no alarm bells afterwards.

The truth is the Government cannot be blamed fully in this situation. Yet, the Nagaland public too must come forward in aligning with the Government so as to face the consequence together.

This is an exclusive report for the readers with vast research on the subject from grassroot level.