NagalandExpress Exclusive: CAA and North East India: Nagaland and it’s impact

Dimapur, December 22 (NE): The Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB), which got President of India’s support (assent) has come to an Act as Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) is getting louder supporter in two ways here at Nagaland. The CAA is very contiguous by nature with a fact that no Indian state will be willing to give citizenship to anyone who would come there just because so-&-so as per CAA system to get the citizenship of India as required. In this report, one will know it in detail as is concern for Nagaland and India as a whole:

The CAA could be an agenda of the central government from the past many decades ever since the British left India and separated out making it as: India, Pakistan & Burma (later it changed to Myanmar).

Perhaps, from that time onwards the present Government could be hatching an idea to create this nation as what can be called as Hindustan – making totally a land of Hindus, like Pakistan for Muslims, while, Bangladesh including Nepal or Bhutan maybe later only.

But for this, it means creating totally a new constitution making a very new India of better or worse. It will be no longer as secular but into a new one, which can be left for present Government to decide.

That could be a reason why such mass protests can be heard everywhere in India. Yet, there is a big difference if talked about North East India as a whole.

In India, at the most, what can be felt is upto level of protests (where even deaths are happening due to this). But in actual condition, it is the NorthEast India to get the blunt in every corners throughout future history in India.

This is the very region that particularly from mainland India, it is being sided from India for whatever reason could be. No media outlet wants to setup even satellite office or keep staff like correspondent; until & unless it is purely on business model – by keeping every risks to concern person, if it is being kept as a principle correspondent (PC), with vast conditions apply, to cover the entire North East India manned by just the PC only. This is North East India – imagine Nagaland State on it.

Like wise, Nagaland will get the biggest blunt through neighboring states in North East India level.
Coming back to all India level, no Indian state will be giving citizenship by concern state governments; Secondly, it is never easy for those foreigners to claim that they are from neighboring countries with reasons saying that they have been persecuted in their own country – now wants to be the citizen of India.

Internationally, this is actually not even possible because to do so, the hand of United Nations is a must for this particular level by creating the right offices as applicable.

In this process, finally of whatever reasons, will be only happening in the backyard of North East India, which will be very hard & dangerous for a small state like Nagaland again. It will impact to state in Assam and others but the fruit as outcome will be in Nagaland – finally, which is a big concern as by this time, they will be declared fully as citizens of India, resulting a big repercussion to take place in regional level of North East India. Perhaps, the map including population will be changed further.

Now, Nagaland has started to join with the rest of North East including India. Even reports are coming in where few underground group alongwith various civil societies, among others to support against implementation of CAA in Nagaland or North East India.

Nagaland based organization from different parts of India has also organized a peaceful protest march to show solidarity against the said Act. Further, internationally, NGOs are also writing letters to Government of India so as not to implement it.

What could be actually seen is that Nagaland including North East will have to face the fate of what lies ahead here.