Nagaland will rank in low level without government’s vibrant policy: A report

( National CSR data for the year 2017-2018)

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, December 28 (NE): One fact is true, Nagaland has no such companies like big states of India neither has got offices of those big companies anywhere in the state.
As being seen in 2019 news reports, few central government bodies including AAI donating an ambulance for the dead including few support from Nagaland SBI may be among the one contributing under CSR from their ends. Few would be in the form of support coming in for Hornbill Festival, yet it will be very less in other aspects.

There are few Naga Companies in IT sectors at Nagaland including constructions. The question for them is whether they have such knowledge of CSR. This all shows systems are not right, may be that’s the reason other companies will take full advantage. In this case, various national level Mart are opening up at Dimapur and Kohima and other districts- have they conducted any charity work pertaining to CSR levels – newspapers report is evident enough.

Nagaland will always be a backyard in two things – for earning money without public sentiments & never follow rules set particularly by the Government.

Nagaland is a salaried state through Government sectors but few companies that are here, if run properly, the Nagas need not go to metro cities where they are facing the gruesome realities.

NagalandExpress got the opportunity to enquire with the youths who are working in different parts of India – they all say a similar language – they want to stay back at Nagaland but opportunities are not available.

According to a short analysis, they are highly educated and experienced as they are already working in big companies of India. They are ready to work even with a lower position/salary – if they find a decent job, so they can live with loved ones here.

But the truth is different. It is high time that Nagaland Government must streamline a vibrant policy on CSR funds to be used in the state with options on reduction of taxes as well so as they are encouraged to put more investment here, few senior citizens opined. Secondly, the MNC and others that are setting up it’s outlet, through a Government policy, according to the citizens has highlighted to collaborate with local youth organizations to let educated unemployed youths get jobs including good incentives like in metro cities so as the current trend of youths going out will be minimized, added another source.

Until such are not maintained, the senior citizens felt Nagaland will still be in lowest rank in India as a whole and be an advantage for big & richer people of Nagaland including India.
This way, it’s a loss for both the Government of Nagaland and India.