Nagaland Two-Wheeler Taxi Association Dimapur provides free rides for school and college students at Dimapur

Dimapur: Nagaland Two-Wheeler Taxi Association Dimapur District to provide free rides for school and college students at Dimapur, said the President Khrozote Kapfo.

The association has come up with an initiative to help school and college going students in their daily travel. The free services will continue till it is launched officially for public.

Speaking to NagalandExpress, Khrozote Kapfo, President of the Two Wheeler Taxi Association, Dimapur said like minded youth of Dimapur gathered to formally launch the Two wheeler taxi Service in Dimapur District on 4th August 2019. They have been doing several round of talks since last 3-4 months to make the taxi service viable in Dimapur District.

In consultation with the Nagaland Two wheeler taxi Association HQ. Kohima, the Two Wheeler Taxi Association, Dimapur was formed under the leadership of Khrozote Kapfo as President and Shiyeto Wotsa as Vice President with Joel Ngullie as General General Secretary. Honko Konyak as Assistant General Secretary, khaseo Sangtam as Finance Secretary, Athrongse Sangtam as Information & Publicity and Benjamin A. Swu as Auditor. The office is located at supermarket, Dimapur.

The President informed that preference shall be given to unemployed youth of Nagaland for registration as two wheeler taxi riders. The riders must own a scooty which should not be more than 2 years old and a valid driver’s license.

The aims and objectives of the Union are;

1. To promote educated unemployed Naga youths both male and females towards self sufficiency

2. Offer a part time job to school and college dropouts

3. To provide a cheap and affordable form of public transportation for the common people of Dimapur.

4. To provide convenient and comfortable commute for citizen of Dimapur district

5. To contribute positively to the ever growing economy of Dimapur District and for Nagas as a whole

6. Assist to offer vehicle (two wheeler) financing for the poorer section of the eligible candidates.