Nagaland to have Upper House?: A report

Dimapur, February 25 (NE): If at any time soon, Nagaland crucial peace talks comes to an honorable solution with the Naga political groups having talks with Government of India in the highest level, then the question would be- Will Nagaland have a Bicameral Legislature System?

Despite the deadline of October 31, 2019, the tight crucial closed door meetings going on between the Naga political groups and the Government of India is evident that some outcome will be there sooner or later. It is also evident that the talks is in a very fragile situation from every angle. Withstanding, as per sources as quiet speculation given to NagalandExpress team, a Bicameral Legislature system may take place apart from the present one.

This will be heavy, if state exchequer is to be thought of. Because, creating another legislative assembly will mean giving the best facilities like the current one with present sixty legislators at Kohima. But, good news is that, whatever the case is, Nagaland do need such a system from long time for better and transparent government in precise. If the Delhi talks ends in a positive manner, then with the outcome, Nagaland will only be benefited, which will result in a positive side for North East India as well.

Now, with bicameral system, in which only qualified and experienced Naga people should be inducted to be called as Upper House of Nagaland Legislative Assembly as a whole; but, will it be possible to make it happen is a very big question which need to be seen in days ahead.

Nagaland vexed talks has been going on for many decades; now, is the time to get something good out of the whole process. This must result in creating a new Nagaland in the making. NagalandExpress got information since last year that bicameral system may be underway, for which even lookout was already in process to find & fill up names for it. Though further information on this is currently not available until the time of filing this report.

Yet, one can recall the name like Smti MC Mary Kom who is Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha of Indian Parliament (MP), she was directly appointed to be MP. Likewise, in Nagaland bicameral system – many will be given direct chance in the Upper House by his/her experience and qualification for betterment of Nagaland.