Nagaland Team Attends Empretec Entrepreneurship Primer Workshop in Delhi

The Empretec Entrepreneurship Primer Workshop was held in Delhi from July 1 to 6, 2019. Empretec is a capacity-building programme of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for the promotion of entrepreneurs and MSMEs to facilitate sustainable development and inclusive growth. Its core programme is the ETW, which aims to motivate and build the self-confidence of entrepreneurs regardless of where they have reached in their entrepreneurial life and it is based on behavioural understanding more than skills.

It is an experiential workshop, based on a constant self-assessment and motivation. The Empretec centres are in 40 countries around the world and provide opportunities to Empretec graduates to explore various international avenues and ever since its inception in 1988, it has helped create and develop high impact entrepreneurs around the world through its workshops, promoting the efficiency of operations and improving the revenue generation of the business owners leading to more economic growth as they create new jobs.

19 entrepreneurs at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey from various backgrounds (from first generation entrepreneurs to legacy entrepreneurs) and various industries, gathered from around the country participated in the workshop. There were 6 participants from the NE, 4 from Nagaland and 2 from Assam and the rest from Gujarat and Delhi. The participants were as diverse as could be from designers to foundry operators to shipping magnates and organic farmers to skill development enhancers to government contractors.

The Nagaland team was represented by Rozelle Mero, Lezo Putsure, Chubanungla Shilu and Lanuakum Imchen.

The Nagaland team also won three of the four awards for best Innovation, Highest stamps and best team activity. The entrepreneurs from Nagaland were supported by IDAN and the Government of Nagaland.