Nagaland Records 4 COVID Superspreader Events As Total Confirmed Cases Cross 10,000

Nagaland Records 4 COVID Superspreader Events As Total Confirmed Cases Cross 10,000

Kohima, November 21 (NEx): The Department of Health & Family Welfare in it’s weekly bulletin, stated that in the past week, four (4) Superspreader Events were recorded in the state, while the total number of positive cases rose to 10,674 on November 21, 2020. All the four events have happened in crowded and closed settings, said the Health department.

Superspreading Events (where one person infects more people than on an average beyond the RO number) have been the key driver in the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. Superspreading relies on more than one person, and it cannot happen in isolation. It takes a group of people that gather in such a way that increases the risk of transmitting the virus.

The 80/20 role in epidemiology states that, 80% of cases come only from 20% of the infected and these 20% are responsible for explosive growth and sustained transmission.

According to the Health department, it is said that among the traced contacts, the most affected age group is 21-30 years at 26% (1018/3952) followed by 31-40 years at 25% (1006/3952). Among them, 63% (2480/3952) are males.

Following younger age groups, there is a continuous increase in cases among 51-60 years age group in the past one week, and even in 60 plus age category, the health department said. Infection in the young follows later to the high-risk groups as is evident by the state data.

Preventing Future Superspreader
Events In The State:

Prevention of Superspreader Events is one of the main pillars in containing the pandemic. The Health department said that all the four events have happened in crowded and closed settings.

The department has put up the following preventive measures which should be urgently adopted for control of such events:

*Rigorous enforcement of the 3 W’s (Wear Mask, Watch Distance, Wash Hands).

*Attendance staggering in work places.

*Dinner or lunch should not be cooked and served within Offices. Everyone should make their own arrangements from home if necessary.

*Advent Christmas dinner / celebrations, birthday celebrations or any other social events should be strictly avoided in work places.

*Windows and doors should be left open for natural ventilation in any closed setting.

*Anyone with COVID-19 like symptoms should not be allowed to come to work.

*Testing for symptomatic people should be encouraged.

*Drivers should not socialize and crowd together while waiting in offices. If an Officer/ staff is fit to drive, it is safer to avoid using the services of a designated driver.

*All HODs should ensure SOP for work places is enforced and checklist for safety is filled and corrective actions are followed up.

*The public should strictly avoid the 3C’s (Crowded Places, Closed spaces and Close contact settings) where the risk of infection is much higher.

Public Appeal:

For the safety of everyone in the community, the following public health measures are to be strictly noted;

*If you have any COVID-19 like symptoms, please contact the state helpline or the respective district helplines immediately for testing and early management.

*DO NOT go outside or meet anyone if you have COVID-19 like symptoms.

*If you are tested positive, do not hesitate to disclose names of your contacts to the contact tracing teams. If you do not cooperate, you are directly spreading COVID-19 in the community.

*If you are a CONTACT, you should come forward for testing as and when specified.

*Do not wait for your symptoms to get worse and put your life at risk. The treatment available for COVID-19 is very limited but the TIMING of interventions like Oxygen, steroids, antivirals etc is extremely crucial.

“Let us be responsible citizens and fight COVID-19 together”- unquote.