Nagaland ranked second in the School Education Quality Index by NITI Aayog, for Incremental Performance

New Delhi, September 30 (NE): The School Education Quality Index, SEQI prepared by NITI Aayog was launched by NITI Aayog Vice Chairman and CEO in New Delhi today, September 30, 2019.

The School Education Quality Index (SEQI) was developed to evaluate the performance of States and Union Territories (UTs) in the school education sector. The index aims to bring an outcomes focus to education policy by providing States and UTs with a platform to identify their strengths and weaknesses and undertake requisite course corrections or policy interventions.

To facilitate like-to-like comparisons, States and UTs have been grouped as Large States, Small States and Union Territories. Within each of these groups, the indicator values have been appropriately scaled, normalized and weighted to generate an overall performance score and ranking for each State and UT.

The smaller states which have been ranked separately include eight states – Manipur has claimed the top spot, followed by Tripura(2), Goa(3), Mizoram(4), Nagaland(5), Sikkim(6), Meghalaya(7) and Arunachal Pradesh(8) in overall performance.

In the incremental performance ranking index, Meghalaya got the first place followed Nagaland (2) and Goa (3).

Large states, which have been ranked separately includes 20 states, Kerala claimed the top spot and Uttar Pradesh at the bottom of the ranking index.

State Name with ranking:

Kerala (1), Rajasthan (2), Karnataka(3), Andhra Pradesh (4), Gujarat (5), Assam (6), Maharashtra (7), Tamil Nadu (8), Himachal Pradesh (9), Uttarakhand (10), Haryana (11), Orissa (12), Chhattisgarh (13), Telangana (14), Madhya Pradesh (15), Jharkhand (16), Bihar (17), Punjab (18), Jammu Kashmir (19) and Uttar Pradesh (20).