Nagaland Police reaches out to citizens through innovative means

Dimapur, April 09 (NE): Dimapur Police since yesterday, April Eight has seen on the streets with activities to encourage and bring hopes back to citizens amidst the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and lockdown. The video has been going around in different social media and touched many hearts. Appreciation from all sections of people started pouring in for their yeomen services especially during a crisis like this.

As per a source, the Police personnel sings on the road that builds up morale of those duty police personnel, while seeking the cooperation from citizen to follow the advisories during the lockdown, also with an intention to encourage the citizens and bring the hope back once again singing ‘We shall overcome’. The Police job even in normal circumstances has never been easy; but with current situation, it is important that they are motivated too, said a netizen.

Different pictures and videos shared by Nagaland Police through the official social media group has won many hearts. Mahila battalion having food while manning streets at night during lockdown in Dimapur highlights the kind of situation they are going through currently. With cooperation from citizens their duties become easy, especially monitoring on social distancing, wearing face mask, etc. and if people comply with the orders and advisories given by the government, which is actually to save each individual and the state from the deadly Coronavirus.

The Nagaland Police has been very active even in social media platforms with various innovative videos releasing now & then with a sole intention – the public to comply to the orders created by Government of Nagaland (GoN). One picture shared with a message reads out- ‘We stay at work for you, please stay at home for us’.

Many have felt the importance of staying at home and maintaining social distance because that’s the only way to break the Chain and stop the spread of coronavirus. Through this kind of various initiatives, more awareness can be created, while frontline workers are out 24/7 monitoring and making sure all the measures are in place to save its people and to keep the state a Covid-19 free state.