Nagaland Night Carnivals: celebrating life

Dimapur, November 3 (NE): Come Winter, and welcome to a new world as one can witness the best of the year with most anticipated festivals by name of Night Carnivals in nook & corners of Nagaland, in most of the districts here.

It is the time of year, when one with the best dress can travel to enjoy what night life is to be as of any metro cities in India.

Nagaland has offered many opportunities for the youths – this has no exception if unemployed youths are willing to take up entrepreneurship as one independently earning ventures.

The concept of carnivals has been as old as more than a decade now. But to harness in full is still way to go – provided the people involved in it must come out every year with creative ideas in return.

Nagas like any other people of the world today are proud to stand challenges because of the fact that they have witnessed every job with experiences equally having many degrees in their belts.

It is a proud moment for Nagas to be called – because they are pioneer generation in terms of business unlike yonder years. Come once again, the public as to see the various creativities that has been initiated by youths willing like never before with mouth watering items to various fun, games and more available in front.

Already in Dimapur district, the carnival style has been started – but keeping in mind the various examinations this month, one needs to know when to foot in. The rest as said will become history again when the real Night Carnival advertisements will be appearing in the local newspapers of Nagaland.