Nagaland needs more awareness on mental illness – a report

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, September 11, (NE): Believe it or not, yes Nagaland needs to come out of the closet as far as mental health is concern, if we want to live on a better state of mind in the society today.

Nagaland like any other place, is modern but very poor in issues to our mental wellbeing due to ignorance, lack of knowledge as a whole and society constraints, etc.

This has to go away if we wish for a stable family in the society today; an unofficial study was conducted by Nagaland Express (NE) through interviews, etc mode recently – it was a very bad report as a whole, of which cannot blame to anything.

But, maybe time has come to open and have a positive talk starting from oneself for a healthy future. The world has celebrated yesterday as, “World Suicide Prevention Day” and it’s time to stand guard before a major crises occurs within our family itself. It is through our minds that controls the world then why not ourselves first.

NE study has revealed that even children are being trapped in such situations. Therefore, as a responsible person, it is highly recommended to create more awareness on this regard so we can save from the negative thoughts upto level like the suicide for various reasons.

Such studies will be conducted further in the future for betterment of the society as a whole by the NE team.

One truth from a concern person said that the best way is to let bring and get consulted by a psychiatrist professional/expert for rehabilitating back to normal as sooner the better will be.

It is pertinent to note that mental health is a vast issue as a whole. And it can be possible to come up with different aspects taken step by steps.