Nagaland is growing in direct selling business: can unemployment problem be tackled?

(Direct selling/marketing event | Photo: Representation, Facebook)

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, November 16 (NE): Nagaland today have seen many youths including others in terms of being involved, getting rewards and money through direct selling business – popularly known in different names like wellness & food supplements among others.

In one time, such business has created heavy losses to families in Nagaland besides in North East India to mention about, perhaps, things has change with caution to carry on by any one involved.

It is one of the safest job working independently like a business with less tension as compared to a normal business being done. The other factors that needs less investments too. Only work load is to search and convince people in joining under one’s roof.

The concern person has to really do homework inorder to ascertain about the company involved as pure and genuine one, from every angle. These and other factors, lots has to be maintain by every one willing to take the risk in the right direction. The company will come & go; but the citizens will stay, in this regard, it is very advisable for having the best precautions is only medicines one can take fully.

In Nagaland, one can unfortunately see as a short door to riches with such a platform is dangerous step – atleast from now. It is pertinent to note that the concept for direct selling or whatever other names been called, is to take a deep breath before such major decisions made. But in other lighter notes, there are many Nagas who have brought laurels – as they could visit different foreign trips past few years relating to getting achievement from particular businesses. And nevertheless others too are waited in the pipeline for such trip.