Nagaland Govt. clarifies on funds mobilised for COVID-19

Nagaland Govt. clarifies on funds mobilised for covid-19

Kohima, May 31 (NEx): Following allegations of misappropriation of funds in the name of the pandemic, the Finance Department, Government of Nagaland on Monday, clarified on the details of funds mobilised through pro-rata cuts and expenditure incurred on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pro-rata cuts during 2021-22 have been effected to provide free vaccines to all, as decided by the State Cabinet and expenditure on COVID is still continuing, informed the Finance department.

Finance department updated that the State has obtained a total of Rs 50.28 crore as savings from pro-rata cut and COVID cess on petroleum products during 2020-21. Highlighting on the break up, Finance department said, Rs 36.64 crore was collected as the savings from 15% pro-rata cut during 2020-21 and Rs 13.64 crore as revenue from COVID cess on petroleum products.

It also said that a total expenditure of ₹180.88 crore was incurred on COVID pandemic during 2020-21. This includes, the Additional funds of Rs 71.18 crore provided to Department of Health and Family Welfare, Rs 22.26 crore received from Central Government for COVID, Rs 3 crore received from NEC for COVID, Rs 3.60 crore for the purchase of foodgrains for distribution, Rs 61.60 crore as expenditure of Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA) for COVID activities, Rs 3.55 crore from CM’s Relief Fund, Rs 14.36 crore as expenditure from 35% of State Disaster Response Fund and Rs 1.33 crore as Miscellaneous expenditure of Police, Jails & ex-gratia for the year 2020-21, Finance Department updated.

Further, it updated of Rs 47.69 crore as the Savings from 20% pro-rata cut during the year 2021-22 and Rs 64.56 crore as total expenditure. The total expenditure includes, Rs 62.75 crore Additional funds provided during 2021-22, (₹ 25.30 crore for COVID, ₹30 crore for 176 bedded Hospital at CIHSR & ₹7.45 crore for vaccine purchase) and expenditure of Rs 1.81 crore CM’s Relief Fund.

The Finance Dept. also said that State Government during 2021-22, has decided to use 25% of LADP funds to fight the pandemic which will include the 15% Common Pool Fund and additional 10% from normal funds without touching the iconic projects. These funds will be kept with the respective DPDBs for fighting the pandemic in the respective districts, it said.

Further, it informed that details of expenditure from CM’s Relief Fund are available on the website and the break-up of items of expenditure can be obtained from the concerned departments in case of necessity.