Nagaland Governor R.N Ravi addresses the people on Covid-19

Kohima, April 05 (NE): Nagaland Governor, Hon’ble Shri R.N Ravi address the people of state on Covid- 19 pandemic on Saturday, April 04, 2020. Assuring the people that all possible measures have been taken to prevent the possible spread of COVID19 in the state, Governor said, we are in the process of setting up a Coronavirus test Centre in the sate.

Full excerpt from Governor speech;

Mankind is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis Covid-19, which is spreading across the World. The most resourceful and powerful countries are looking helpless. It has taken a heavy toll on human lives. With no evidence that available medicines can prevent or cure this disease, and no vaccine or specific antiviral medicine as yet against COVID-19, the fight against this pandemic seems to be going to be longer.

Although the first Covid19 positive case in our country was detected at the end of January, for the next over a month its growth remained slow. However, off late, a recent religious congregation in Delhi in utter violation of the lockdown and social distancing norms and guidelines has given a serious setback to our containment effort. Suddenly the pace of growth of corona in our country has increased.

Until a week back there was no positive case in our neighbouring Assam, today, there are more than 20 such cases, all related to religious congregation. Such irresponsible acts puts the life of our countrymen at jeopardy. Although, there is no reported Covid-19 positive case in our state, the unfolding scenerio in our neighbouring states is a sufficiently compelling reason for us to be on our utmost guard.

We cannot remain complacent and unprepared. The state government with continuous support of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had taken all possible preventive measures to ensure prevention and suppression of this virus. All efforts have been made to track and trace possible Covid-19 cases, the suspects, quarantine them and conduct the tests.

The state healthcare sector is gearing up to keep the Covid-19 patients. District hospital in few districts has been designated as COVID-19 hospital. Protective gears for the health care workers like the PPE, N95 masks have been procured and distributed to all district hospitals and other health care service providers across the state.

Corona being a respiratory disease, all available ventilators be it in the government hospitals, in army or private hhospitals, have been mobilised and more are being procured.

At present, we do not have testing facility for corona in our state. We have to send samples of suspected cases to Guwahati, Assam. As a result, we have not been able to do required number of tests so that we can have an objective assessment of the COVID-19 situation in the state. We are in the process of setting up a testing laboratory in our state. Ministry of Health, Government of India and the Indian council of medicine research is giving us required assistance. Hopeful to have it ready and functional soon.

I can assured that all possible measures have been taken to prevent the possible spread of COVID19 in the state. However, an unfortunate event of some positive cases, I assure the state government is well equipped to tackle it.

Experts across the world are unanimous in their opinion that containment of COVID-19 is enormously successful through social distancing combined with multiple testing. It’s core strength is it’s high intensity contagiousness, it’s fatal weakness is it dies if it doesn’t get a host. Social distancing is necessary to deny it a host. However, For Social distancing to be successful the unstinted support of our people is a must. I am pleased to inform that Nagaland is one of the few states that announced complete shutdown even before the nationwide shutdown – lockdown announced by PM Modi which came into effect on March 25, 2020. Such a lockdown is crucial to contain the virus.

At the same time, I am also aware that it creates a lot of humanitarian issues. I assure you all that government remains committed to mitigating the hardships to the people and taking all possible measures in this regard. I am monitoring the situation on daily basis. Let us remember that while we remain confined in our homes, many of our brave brothers and sisters are in the front line of the battle against corona working tirelessly, risking their lives. They are our health workers, doctors, nurses, hospital staffs.

Under normal circumstances, 10-15% of them are on leave. Today, over 95% of them are on duty. We salute their dedication, they are our angels. Also, we applaud the brave policemen and women and all those who are engaged in supplying essential goods and services, voluntary services being rented by academic Institutions and non government organizations be it production of 3 layered masks and sanitizers or the volunteers of the Nagaland Red Cross society in helping out with the district task force in relief and humanitarian assistance. I appeal to you all to continue maintaining social distancing and not to indulge in any such activities that may endanger precious lives.

Our fight against this unknown and invisible enemy can succeed only with the support and co-operation of each individual. Today, I appeal to strictly follow social distancing and observe a strict recommended preventive guidelines and urge the Church leaders and leaders of other faith based organizations to continue to pray and lead the people in this unprecedented time. Your role as moral leaders is crucial. The yeoman service of our civil society organizations is also crucial at this juncture. I Appeal all of them to come forward and help the state to overcome this pandemic and also urge the young people not to think that they are immune to this. Remember this virus doesn’t spare anyone. We shall defeat corona with our collective resolve and restraint.

Since the lock down is also a time of psychological stress, we must periodically stress our collective resolve against COVID19 to decisively defeat the enemy. No one is alone in the fight. We are all together. PM had appealed the countrymen to demonstrate this collective resolve at 9pm on April 5, Sunday. I urge all to make it a resounding success. Together we shall win- unquote.

(Photo: AIR Kohima)