Nagaland Drivers : Now Beware

Our Bureau

Dimapur, September 2, (NE): The Government of India have created a stringent law w.e.f September one and here is no exception by Nagaland Police through the respective districts Traffic Police.

The law has been made to avoid further occurrence in accident through out India.

For better public references, please remember the new system that has come into force.

“The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2019 has comes into effect to create a fear of law that ensures decrease of traffic violations.

1. Driving without a seat belt will cost a fine of Rs. 1000.

2. Caught driving with mobile phone will fine between Rs. 1000-5000.

3. Drunken driving has been hiked to Rs.10000.

4. A driver can be fined Rs. 10000 for not giving way to emergency vehicles like ambulance and fire brigade.

5. Driving without a license has multiplied to Rs. 5000.

6. Over speeding will now invite a penalty between Rs. 1000- 2000.

7. Driving without insurance will fine Rs. 2000.

8. Those driving without helmets will have to pay Rs. 1000.

9. Overloading of vehicles will now draw a penalty of Rs. 20000.

10. Any under-age driver, guardian will have to pay Rs. 25000.rivers getting punishment for breaking traffic rules, making double /triple lane at nagarjan road.”

In this regard, Dimapur Traffic Police was seen in action for betterment of citizens so as to avoid unnecessary rushes and any accidents under their jurisdiction.