Nagaland COVID-19 toll free helpline: details for perusal

Kohima, May 15 (NE): The Nagaland COVID-19 toll free helpline number – 1800 345 0019 was launched on May 04, 2020 by the state Government for people of Nagaland whether they are presently residing in or outside the State.

Through the helpline number, a caller can avail five different services and the services are available in English or Nagamese.

The services includes speaking to a Doctor, Counsellor, nCOVID Nagaland Visitors App support, general queries on COVID-19 in Nagaland and complaints or grievances.

The various services provided are elaborated below:

Service 1: Speak to a Doctor / Tele-medical Consultation

Under this service, there are two options available:
COVID-19 related illnesses and any other illness/other health issues

COVID-19 related illnesses:

The caller will be screened for COVID-19 related symptoms through interactive voice response (IVR). A medical doctor will then call back and provide appropriate advice to the caller.

Any other illness/other health issues:

The caller can discuss any health issue with the doctor available on call. The doctor will accordingly give appropriate medical advice to the caller.

Service 2: Counselling

Caller can speak to a professional counselor for stress, anxiety, depression, or any mental health issue. For Counselling through WhatsApp, request to the number 7005251298.

Service 3: nCOVID Nagaland Visitors App User Support

Technical support for on-boarding onto ‘nCOVID Nagaland Visitors App’. The App is used by in-bound travelers entering Nagaland, people who are in quarantine (facility or home quarantine), and people in containment zone for surveillance of COVID-19.

Service 4: General Queries on COVID-19 in Nagaland / COVID Information Centre

Caller can ask general queries about COVID-19 in Nagaland.

Service 5: Complaints and Grievance Redressal

Caller can submit complaint or grievances regarding COVID-19 related health services in Nagaland to the toll free number.

The Toll Free Helpline is not for people who are stranded or needing COVID relief assistance. Such people may contact through: or call 03702291122 / 03702291120.

(Source : DIPR)