Nagaland comes alive in Chennai, Tamil Nadu – “Nagaland Festival 2020”

(Demonstration of Naga Jewellery making | Photo: NagalandExpress)

Dimapur, February 18 (NE): Nagaland comes alive in Tamil Nadu through “Nagaland Festival 2020” in DakshinaChitra a cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India, at Muthukadu, Tamil Nadu.

(Chizami Weavers | Photo: NagalandExpress)

Rich displays and live making demonstrations of Naga jewellery collections from most of the Naga tribes, by Runway Nagaland, Naga weaving by Chizami Weavers, folk songs & dances presented by Kuyingpong Cultural Society, and exotic Naga cuisine by ‘Naga Reju’ restaurant, are giving a glimpse of Nagaland in the heart of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

(Nengneithem Hengna with her artisan & the Founder and Director of Dakshin Chitra Museum | Photo: NagalandExpress)

Speaking to NagalandExpress, the Founder of Runway Nagaland, Nengneithem Hengna said that they are doing more of live demonstration of making the Jewelleries to show the skill and patterns of the tribal jewelleries. Most of the Naga tribal jewelleries are displayed at the exhibition, focusing more on Konyak tribal jewellery- one of the Ang jewelleries.

Around 20 people are present at the exhibition from Nagaland giving the best of Nagaland to South India. Nengneithem said that people are really turning out in good numbers for the festival and are interested in the art and crafts and cultural display. There is a gap, compared to other parts of the country, as people are less known to Naga culture in Chennai. Sadly, it was like a cultural shock for many visitors but we took this in a positive way and showcase the Naga cultural traditions in a positive way, she added.

(Kuyingpong Cultural Society | Photo: NagalandExpress)

Nagas particularly young damsels among others are trying to create a niche of their own, for which they work hard and pave their way ahead. The Runway Nagaland, an all women Artisan’s team from different tribes of Nagaland is a good example for many young Nagas.

Every year the DakshinaChitra organises a national festival and this year they chose Nagaland as it has a rich culture and tradition. A nine days Nagaland Festival 2020 which started on February 15 will conclude on February 23, 2020.