Nagaland Churches shares pain in social media on continuous fundraising: becoming burden to the citizens

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, November 17 (NE): The different Churches in Nagaland has opined its reservations on particular continuous program under the pretext to what is called as “Fundraising” – which has taken a sharp criticism by various likeminded Churches to share the burden going on towards the citizens including the Churches themselves, happening almost every now and then.

The social media observations that has come out is in a time when general programs like marriages and other functions including funerals of sudden death going on specially during this time of the year round. The particular Church including some, shared on behalf of common citizens as they also felt the heat to let understand in general and meted out something in positive; sooner the better, it observed.

According to that Church, such program has made them to standstill against time because many Churches are not fully supportive, lacking in many things itself due to a number of reasons. In this regard, it said to understand for the larger population of Nagaland atleast during this season in the best interest of all the Church remarked, that using the social media, just wanted to highlight the need of the hour, which will pave the way for development in concerned Churches of Nagaland.

It also said, for such activities a general meeting can be carried out in a proper time so as other requirements leading to Church activities can be handled accordingly. It further said, Nagaland is an exemplary state and with priorities needed to do for welfare of setting up better things beyond the boundaries of Nagaland in good Christian spirit.

It is pertinent to note that such opinions has been shared, time and again particularly in social media or atleast in newspaper format almost every year. Perhaps, it is time for people to read the lines & follow the dotted lines too as Church is the people; vice-versa, the few likeminded citizens has also felt the same for common good of all – as in the end, taxing from different corners for similar level is harming with limited budget being further the end of a year. While, the other citizens have the feeling to relax – as one can enjoy with food atleast outside one’s home, a citizen quipped.