Naga Tribe’s Organisation in Dimapur district sidelined from a crucial meeting: CPO

Kohima, May 07 (NE): The Chakhroma Public Organisation (CPO), the traditional landowners of Dimapur District through a press release expressed surprise over the organization being sidelined from an important meeting convened to discuss the issues relating to people of Nagaland intending to come back to the state from other states.

A press release issued by CPO, on Wednesday said, “The meeting to discuss issues relating to the people of Nagaland intending to come to the state from outside the state Post lockdown”, not only sidelined the CPO but none of the Naga Tribe’s Organisation in the District were called.

In the circular issued by Deputy Commissioner Dimapur for a very crucial meeting invited only 3 (three) Naga organisations out of 15 (fifteen) organisations called for the meeting, it added.

The press release put the following questions to the Naga people in particular and the people of Nagaland State in general;

– Are we allowing the government to take decisions through these organisations to decide for our people who are intending to come home after the lockdown?

– Are these Non-Naga organisations that the government have invited to take decision for us competent?

– Are they capable and can we trust them?

– Can the government handle the problems without the involvement of the indigenous inhabitants of the district? It happened to us today, the same thing might come to your district too.

Further, CPO appealed to the Government to advise it’s agents to have coordination with the apex bodies within the District for containment of any problem and immediately replace the officers who are not capable and creating more headache not only to the government but the citizens in particular.