Naga Task Force Bengaluru meets Nodal Officer of Northeast States

(Mughato Kiba, President, NSUB and Srinath Joshi, IPS, DCP South East Division Bengaluru & Nodal Officer of Northeast States)

Kohima, April 27 (NE): The Northeast Students leaders of Karnataka had an emergency meeting with Srinath Joshi, IPS, the Nodal Officer of Northeast States also the Deputy Commissioner of Police South East Division Bengaluru, pertaining to issues arising due to the current lockdown on Saturday, April 25, 2020.

Issues related to non-payment of salary in hospitality industries, racism, house rent, providing groceries and medical emergencies cases were discussed during the meeting. Nagaland state was represented by Mughato Kiba, President NSUB and Nuthipru Nienu advisor NSUB.

Nodal Officer Srinath Joshi assured full support and stated that Northeast people in Bengaluru should not think they are alone, the Police will provide full support and cooperation and will help solve all the issues arising due to the lockdown, said a press release from NTFB.

It is reported that Naga Task force Bengaluru team is currently helping in providing free Rice, Dal, oil and groceries to stranded Nagas in Bengaluru, and so far, NTFB has reached more than 1000 affected Nagas.

Further, NTFB Convener, Mughato Kiba requested the govt to prioritize in processing the special financial package announced for stranded Nagas outside Nagaland as many Nagas working in company and hospitality industries has lost their jobs, many are facing issues without salary and unable to buy daily needs. This special financial package announced is a great relief to many stranded Nagas and can help cater to daily needs, he added.