Naga Mass Rally at New Delhi for an Early, Inclusive, Acceptable and Honourable Solution of the Protracted Indo-Naga Peace Process

New Delhi, September 23 (NE): Naga Students’ Federation in collaboration with Naga Students’ Union Delhi to organize Naga Mass Rally for an Early, Inclusive, Acceptable and Honourable Solution of the Protracted Indo-Naga Peace Process at New Delhi on September 25, 2019.

Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) earnestly appeal upon the students, youths and the entire Naga populace to remain united in all aspects, be steadfast in upholding the peoples movement by participating in this rally; said NSF media cell in the latest release.

Date: 25th September 2019
Time: 2 Pm
Place: Mandi House to Jantar Mantar

History is the witness that the Nagas have fought valiantly as a proud nation and is continuing the fight against the oppressors to free Nagalim. Nagas have been gloriously waving our national flag across global platforms, towns and cities registering our determinate identity of being a nation. Hundred and thousand lives have been sacrificed to be independent people with our own government and constitution. Yet, the fight is on, counting every little contribution one makes for the cause of the Naga nation.

We are all witness to the repressive regime of the present government that had recently scrapped (article 370) the agreement between Kashmir and India from the constitution of India. Now, their focus is shifted to the Naga political movement which is evident from the appointment of Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor of India, as the incharge of the Naga affairs. His appointment clearly indicates that the government of India is least concerned with the political matter of the Nagas, rather the issue is determined to be dealt bureaucratically and militarily.

The appointment of RN Ravi as Governor of Nagaland in the midst of crucial negotiation was not only a tactic of shifting gear from political talk to bureaucratic strategy, but it is also a deadly military preparation to deal with the Nagas. Reports of mushrooming Indian armed forces personals into multifold in Naga areas in the recent month is not incidental.

It is an undeniable fact that, each one of us has contributed in this movement. We cannot allow the government of India to snatch away the hard earned right of the Nagas. We need to strongly convey our message that, Nagas will not compromise for anything lesser than what is honourable and acceptable to all negotiating entities, signed upon the principles of finding model of solution based on the unique history and aspirations of the Nagas.

It is a critical moment for the Nagas, at a juncture when our leaders need us the most to haggle out the safest future for us all. We must go to the street and make the world know we the Nagas will never part our inalienable political rights. Lest, India divide and crush the Nagas aspiration as they have done to the Khalistan movement, Kashmiri movement, Tamil movement, etc. Let us rise to the occasion in unison for our Nation.