Naga lass highlights mental health issue in international platform: NE exclusive

Naga lass, Achabu Kire highlights mental health issue in international platform. documentary on 'Mental Health' which bagged 'Silver Audience Choice Award 2020' in Changing the Story Online International Film Festival 2020
(Miss Achabu Kire and her team in a set during the documentary at Kohima last year)

Dimapur, June 28 (NE): Miss Achabu Kire from Nagaland is being selected in ‘Silver Audience Choice Award 2020 after a long process – who has brought laurel for whole North East India in general and a first in bringing up an untold topic like mental health issue on international platform for Nagaland in particular.

The 16:53 minutes documentary on ‘Mental Health’ of a Naga lass from Kohima village, Achabu, bagged ‘Silver Audience Choice Award 2020’ in Changing the Story Online International Film Festival 2020.

Around 29 film submissions were received from 16 countries across the world for this year’s edition of ‘Changing the story online international film festival’

NagalandExpress got an opportunity to have an informal interaction with Achabu Kire & here is the excerpt from it:

Achabu Kire says, “Well, it’s a long story, I got this project called Changing the story. When the project aims & objectives were introduced, and we were made to choose a topic for our documentary, my first motive was to explore on the matters of mental health as I feel it was one of the least discussed topics in our state, and it is very much prevalent among our youth today.

Doing a documentary was very new to me but thankfully, they made us undergo training for three months in videography & editing at Richa Productions studio. So, together we explored different organizations working for mental health. Serendip Guardians being one of the only non-profit organization working in the field; it was a challenge for us but I found some other good art based organization, which I believe have very good message to share so I approached them too.

Inspite of the complex topic that mental health is, I just thought of contributing a very small portion on my part to spread awareness on the issue adding some art based organizations that are youth focussed. Thus the documentary “A state of mental Well being through Art” was directed by me (Achabu Kire), edited by Teputo Richa & Assisted by Keduokuolie Pienyii.

The film was a 16:53 minutes documentary, it was based on interviews of different youth from 4 distinct organizations sharing about their works & opinions on mental health.

The film was screened first at the Kohima Institute on December 18, 2019. I submitted the film to the CTS@Leeds for the ‘Changing the story’ online international film festival on May 11, 2020, which was to be held from June 1-5, 2020 and luckily it got selected.

So the film screened at the festival & I invited participants to watch & also vote for the film if they like it & to show their support. All thanks to God, many viewers find the film meaningful and also showed their support with their votes too. So that was how the film got selected for the “Silver Audience Choice Award”. – unquote.

She continues: “I’m a female in my late twenties. I’m from the Angami tribe of Nagaland & I live with my family in D.Khel Kohima Village.

I did my Masters in Anthropology from Kohima Science College in 2018, and I have been working with the Kohima institute on a couple of projects since 2018.

Regarding my awards, it was a laurel award certificate, it was a great honor to be not just part of the film festival but also win an award.

My future plans & dreams are unlimited but I do hope and wish to continue to explore the world of films at the same time work for the positive cause of our youth & society.

The project was a one year project and I not only benefitted in my skills and knowledge but also got financial support to continue my work throughout the whole project. Funded by the Changing the story.” – unquote.

“There are a list of people involved in the project so I want to introduce & acknowledge them:

The Kohima Institute, Changing the Story, Dreams Unlimited & Dr.Piyush Roy, Editor and videographer Mr. Teputo Richa, Assistant Director Keduokuolie Pienyii, CSOs and every Participant of the documentary, Audience, family and friends who supported and voted for the film, she added.”

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