Naga Intellectual Forum condemns Governor RN Ravi’s Republic Day’s message

Dimapur, January 28 (NE): Deeply disappointed in the recent remarks and statements made by interlocutor & present Governor of Nagaland including Meghalaya, Shri RN.Ravi particularly of his message on the eve of Indian Republic Day, January Twenty Six. A Naga organization based at New Delhi, Naga Intellectual Forum (NIF), in a notification on January Twenty Seven has said that the incoherence is profound and therefore quite perplexing whether he is speaking as the Governor of Nagaland or as the Indian Interlocutor to the Indo -Naga Peace Talk even as it is unbecoming of any position either way – during the most crucial hour in the current junction. It said that rather reflective of a diabolical modus operandi likely in the offing is seen.

In a nutshell, the NIF reasserts that “Nagas were never a part of India either by consent or by conquest and that Nagaland is just a part of its history created in 1963. As the Governor of Nagaland, he may kindly see to it that the elected Government of Nagaland acts constitutionally in the interest of Naga people” – unquote.

Further elaborately, NIF continued: “Development, Law and order and public welfare are not his lookouts though a general appeal would have sounded a little better. If democracy is to be taken into account as he stressed, democracy without sincerity is just conspiracy. His statement sounds more like a threat than an appeal. No doubt, the rising increase of warlike situations, violation of ceasefire ground rules multiple times, nefarious undercover activities by Indian military forces and Intelligence and all his statements may have greater links than meets an eye” – unquote.

Citing a particular date, NIF continued in the notification: “On Jan.17, 2020, he announced in the Nagaland state Assembly that the Peace Talk has been successfully concluded and therefore he urged all political groups to unite or else the Nagas might miss a golden opportunity. If the Peace Talk is successfully concluded, there is nothing we can miss including unity unless interfered” – unquote.

However, at the current rate, the most certain outcome is uncertainty unless both the negotiating entities come to the senses of respecting each other’s rights rather than believing in each one’s might, it added.