Naga Hospital Kohima Designated As COVID Hospital

Naga Hospital Kohima Designated As COVID Hospital

Kohima, May 17 (NEx): The Directorate of Health and Family Welfare Department on Monday, May 17, 2021 designated Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK) as COVID Hospital till further order.

The Principal Director, H&FW, Dr. Neikhrielie Khimiao in an order stated that, ‘in view of saturation of COVID-19 Beds in the Naga Hospital Kohima owing to exponential surge in new cases and detection of COVID-19 among patients admitted for other health problems increasing the risk of transmission to the HCWs and in the interest of public health and safety, the Naga Hospital Kohima is hereby designated as COVID Hospital till further order.

‘However, emergency services shall be continued till alternative arrangements are made for delivery of essential healthcare services, Khimiao stated.

The PD directed the Managing Director & Medical Superintendent Nagaland to make sure of the following measures:

– Continue management of already admitted patients till they are fit for discharge, while ensuring utmost care to prevent the risk of transmission.

– To maintain an Isolation ward to keep suspected cases till the result is declared.- To setup triaging system for prompt identification and delivery of services to serious patients.

– Except for confirmed Covid-19 cases requiring hospitalization, no non-covid-19 cases shall be admitted.

– For optimum utilisation of resources, all asymptomatic/ presymptomatic and mild cases which do not require hospitalization are to be admitted/ transferred to COVID Care Center or Home Isolation.

– To expand the capacity of Oxygen supported beds and ICU, and to ensure adequate supply of oxygen and other essential medicines and consumables. To this effect, proposal may be submitted to the undersigned for additional logistic requirements.

– Ensure rational deployment of manpower on Covid duty based on case load and for continuity of essential healthcare services, HCWs not on covid duty are to be put on delivery of essential healthcare services.

– Ensure rigorous in-house training of all category HCWs on various aspects of Covid-19 management.

– Arrange deployment necessary security measures through District Task Force.

– In coordination with District Task Force, identify suitable Government health facilities and pooling of manpower for delivery of essential healthcare services including emergency secondary services.