Naga Hoho urges the govt to ensure safe return of Naga people

Naga Hoho urges the government of Nagaland to ensure safe return of Naga people

Kohima, May 13 (NE): The Naga Hoho through a press statement on May 13, 2020 urged the state govt to provide safety measures and ensure safe return of Naga brothers and sisters.

Due to COVID-19 global pandemic and sudden announcement of Lockdown in the country, many travellers, students and employees in private companies outside the state have been the worst affected. Many people have gone out of the state either on emergency medical ground or to pursue other services but could not return home due to lockdown and stranded in various cities leaving them to the mercy of others, the press statement said.

Now that, the lockdown has been relaxed and the central government has allowed the stranded people to return to their own home and state, therefore the state government’s paramount duty is to provide safety measures and ensure safe return of our brothers and sisters, it said.

The Naga Hoho further stated that We cannot allow our Naga brothers and sisters in different cities to suffer as they have become vulnerable to racial discrimination and degradation in the hands of others. However, it must be ensured that the returnees strictly maintain safety as per the guidelines and instructions given by experts and the state government.

The Naga Hoho stressed that the state government should not shift its focus from bringing home the stranded people for fear of community spread. Rather, the state must be well prepared for any eventuality and as declared by the PM, we have to learn to live with the virus by maintaining strict guidelines.

Also, there has been news of the untimely demise of Naga youth in different cities and being buried unceremoniously during this lockdown which must have brought untold miseries and pain to the family and friends. Therefore, the Hoho said, it is the need of the hour that our stranded brothers and sisters return home to be with their families.