Naga Hoho, TPO, ZBCC, CAN, DAYO, NSF, DENSU, NSUR condemn March 22nd incident

Naga Hoho, TPO, ZBCC, CAN, DAYO, NSF, DENSU, NSUR condemns March 22nd incident

Kohima, March 24 (NEx): The Naga Hoho, Tenyimi People’s Organization, Zeme Baptist Church Council, Catholic Association Nagaland, Dimapur Ao Youth Organization, Naga Students Federation, Dimapur Eastern Nagaland Students’ Union, Naga Students Union Rajasthan vehemently condemned the brutal killing of three persons by some armed men at Lamhainamdi village under Peren District on March 22nd, 2021.

Naga Hoho Condemns:

The Naga Hoho in it’s letter strongly condemned the dastardly act of the perpetrators and demand for justice. At this hour, when Nagas are going through unprecedented situations vis-à-vis Indo-Naga political settlement, we anticipate from all the Nagas to be united and ensure peaceful atmosphere, it said.

The Naga Hoho appeal to all Naga national groups in particular not to create social unrest and at the same time appeal to the state’s law enforcing agencies to nab the culprits without delay and give befitting punishment without delay.

Further, the Hoho mentioned that Nagas are by nature well known to resolve conflicts through mutual respect to each other based on Naga customary laws and traditions be it inter-tribal/village dispute. Resolving all forms of conflicts between communities through dialogue and peaceful means is the best policies as violence beget violence.

The Hoho also conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed that, Almighty God grant them peace and comfort in this hour of grief and sorrow.

Tenyimi Peoples’Organisation (TPO) condemns:

The Tenyimi Peoples’Organisation (TPO) vehemently condemned the barbaric murder of three of the Tenyimi people at Lamhainamdi, Peren district on March 22nd, 2021 by heartless gun wielding killers.

TPO in it’s release said that it is evident that it was the handiwork of some people with ill-concieved agenda to use terror as a weapon to achieve their greedy diabolical goal but all the Naga people should come together to defeat such element if we are to progress and move ahead as a people. Such inhumane act has no place in a civilised society and deserved to be disowned by all right-thinking people and organisations, be it civil societies or nationalist groups, it added.

The TPO demands the law enforcing agencies to identify the murderers and beffiting action be taken as per the law of the land. No force on earth should be allowed to impede justice when heinous crime of such degree was committed.

The TPO stands with the grief stricken victims’ kith and kin, Lamhainamdi village and the Zeliangrong people praying that God almighty grant strength, solace and wisdom in these trying times. We shall stand together until justice is met, it stated.

Zeme Baptist Church Council (ZBCC) condemns:

ZBCC strongly condemned the brutal killing of its three brothers at Lamhainamdi on March 22nd, 2021 by armed militants. Such barbaric murder is unthinkable for any society especially for a Christian society like Nagaland. The church Council said that the incident at Lamhainamdi is symptomatic of accrued debts of sin in our Land and reflects that our church have failed to live to the teachings of Christ.

ZBCC appealed to all believing Christians to give up such hateful act and strive to live our Christian faith and relentlessly pursue a radiant Christian life.

The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) condemns:

NSF condemned the barbaric act perpetrated by anti social elements which have outraged the sentiments of the entire Naga populace.

The federation urged the public to desist from furthering the violence and instead, collectively work towards ensuring that peace and tranquility prevails.

Further, NSF urged every section of the society to refrain from painting a communal picture for the unfortunate incident, and appealed the investigation agencies and the government of Nagaland to leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that the culprits behind the killings are identified, brought to book and befitting punishment awarded to them at the earliest.

Dimapur Eastern Nagaland Students’ Union (DENSU) condemns:

Dimapur Eastern Nagaland Students’ Union (DENSU) condemning the murder that was commmited on March 22nd, 2021 at Lamhainamdi village where three innocent lives were viciously murdered, stated that such an evil act committed by the perpetrators is beyond the capacity of human imagination or tolerance, when entire Nagas are seeking and praying for peace to prevail in our Land.

The Union appealed all the brethren to refrain from such cruel acts and also appealed the investigation agencies and the government of Nagaland to leave no stone unturned to punish the culprits according to law.

Dimapur Ao Youth Organization (DAYO) condemns:

The Dimapur Ao Youth Organization (DAYO) expressed shock and aggrieved and condemned in the strongest terms the cold blooded murder of 3 persons and burning down of properties in Lamhainamdi village, Peren district on March 22nd, 2021.

The DAYO in it’s statement voiced out its resentment towards this barbaric action in no uncertain terms which is unimaginable in a civilized society and said that it is terrorism of the highest form and appealed to one and all to condemn such senseless action.

appealed the law enforcement agencies to book these terrorists at the earliest and award exemplary punishment as a deterent to avoid future crimes, and also appealed the Government of the day that the situation is brought under control and justice be delivered at the earliest

The much talked about thesis of the existing “gun culture” has been proved true without an iota of doubt with the recovery of ‘several empty shells of prohibited bore from the site. The evidences itself speaks itself of existing huge stock of illegal weapons that are detrimental for peace and the security of the citizens in the State, it said.

Further, the organization hoped that the mandated Government of Nagaland will not allow the State to fall under the grip of lawlessness and chaos, undermining the rule of law. The other important aspect of this unfortunate incident is the decommission of prohibited bores weapons with heavy penalty for defaulters ahead of the much anticipated solution, it added.

DAYO, expressed condolences to the bereaved families and pray that our loving God will bring comfort to all.

Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN) condemns:

The Catholic Community expressed its remorse repugnance on the incident of 22nd March 2021 which occurred at Lamhainamdi Peren, where three persons were brutally killed.

CAN in it’s press release said that it believe that every human person, in the form of communities, can live honourably or peacefully without suppressing or being supressed. It would be against the divine will of our Creator if in anyway, any human life is being terminated by another fellow human being for such act defiles the divine dignity of God’s presence in every human person. No one who says that he/she is a Christian can commit such heinous act against fellow human being, it said.

The Catholic Church mentioned that they are much disturbed and pained to learn the de-humanizing event that took place on the 22nd March 2021 at Lamhainamdi, Peren District.

The Catholic community, under the aegis of the Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN), is committed to establishing JUST PEACE and appeal every Naga community to uphold and respect human life and shun any form of violence and killing. The Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN), fervently appeal to every professing Christian to join us in upholding the divine dignity present in every person, it said.

The Catholic Association of Nagaland also expresses sincere condolences to the bereaved families.

Naga Students Union Rajasthan (NSUR) condemns :

The NSUR condemning the inhumane act that took place at the Dimapur- Peren district boundary (Lamhainamdi) on 22nd March, 2021, said that it is devilish and such activity happening in our so called “Nagaland For Christ” is a shame.

The NSUR strongly condemned the incident and appealed to the Government of Nagaland and the Investigation agency to prevail justice soon. The Union also extend deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

Further, NSUR said that when we Nagas, outside our Nagaland State live in brotherhood, feeling secured and comfortable, we stand by one another, we care, we love, we share mutual bonding among Nagas irrespective of tribes. But when it comes to our own state, why we cannot consider ourselves as one, striving for same goal, NSUR remarked.