Naga boxer Hemavi is all set to take on Chinese boxer at Muay Thai World Championship 2019, Thailand

Naga Boxer Hemavi Ayemi Representing India at Muay Thai World Championship 2019 at Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr. Hemavi Ayemi is among the 12 member contingent from the Indian Team participating at the Muay Thai World Championship 2019 which is currently underway (20 July to 29 July) at Bangkok, Thailand.

Hemavi is the son of Hesheto Ayemi and Meni Boro, from Shozukhu Village, Khaghaboto Area under Dimapur District.

He is 3 time gold medalist of Muay Thai National Champion, Former YFC Fighter and MMA 4-2 Record Holder.

Hemavi is set to take on Chinese boxer Bing Yuan on 25th July 2019 in the first fight of Muaythai World Championship of this year. Altogether there are 25 fighters in his group of Senior Male Elite-A 71kg. Fighters from 102 countries are participating in this year’s championship.

Speaking to NagalandExpress, Hemavi encouraged the youth to have dreams and live with 100% effort and to be persistent towards the respective professions. The most important thing, we must have the fear of God in our daily walk because without God we are zero, he said.

“Muaythai Is Coming Home” is the theme of 2019 World Championships. The event is held in honour of the birthday celebration of His Majesty, the King of Thailand. It’s organised by the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA).