MP Tokheho Yepthomi clarifies his ‘Statement in the Lok Sabha’

MP Tokheho Yepthomi clarifies his 'Statement in the Lok Sabha'

Kohima, February 15 (NEx): Member of Parliament Lok Sabha Tokheho Yepthomi on Monday issued a clarification on his statement made on February 12, 2021 in the Parliament regarding the Naga political issue, following reactions from various groups.

The MP Yepthomi in his clarification said that “he has no ill motive or intention to go against the Naga political negotiations which has been going for the last twenty three and half years.”

The clarification says, “On February 12, 2021, Hon’ble speaker of Lok Sabha was kind enough to give two minutes to few members of Parliament to raise matters of urgent public importance. Adhering to the two minutes time given to each member of Parliament, I could not have gone to divulge the historical and political dynamics of the Naga political issue which has been going on for more than 7 decades now. I appreciate and support the framework agreement and agreed position between the GOI and Naga groups, therefore, as and when the agreement is signed it will go down the annals of history as the testimony of the grit and determination of the Nagas.”

“I did not contradict my statement about the ongoing negotiations, rather the only issue I raised was in correspondence to the reply of Ministry of Home affairs to my unstarred question number 1330 laid on the 9th February 2021. Wherein, the reply was that negotiations were in advanced stage. On the other hand, Hon’ble Governor had stated on the floor of the state assembly on February 12, 2021 that negotiations has been concluded. Herein, laid the contradiction to the reply of my unstarred question which made me raise this issue in Parliament for clarification. My participation was only focussed to draw attention of the Indian Parliament for an early agreement to Naga political negotiations.”

“Whether agreement to Naga political negotiations is made within a time bound period or not, is a prerogative of negotiating parties involved. Nagas have been living together with mutual respect, love, tolerance and understanding. It is this reciprocity that has made our land peaceful for many years now and I can only hope that by the grace and mercy of God, we can leave behind a society better than we found for future generations”, – unquote.