Mon District Adopts “COVID-19 Adaptive Response Model”

The Mon District Task Force and the Empowered Group adopted the "COVID-19 Adaptive Response Model" or "CARE" Model to fight COVID-19

Kohima, July 18 (NEx): The Mon District Task Force and the Empowered Group adopted the “COVID-19 Adaptive Response Model” or “CARE” Model to fight COVID-19 by bringing about change in behaviour and inculcating habits like “Social Distancing” and improving “Personal Hygiene” among people. This model has been brought out as a long term strategy so that health and livelihood can go hand in hand.

At the heart of this interactive “CARE” Model is the concept that “each person is an asymptomatic carrier of CoronaVirus” and thus they have to behave in such a way as to not infect others. This model would use various tools like Classroom Training, Awareness Level Test, Banners and Posters, Focussed Group Discussions in addition to extensive use of Social Media for spreading the message.

The Konyak Union has developed an iterative test called “Awareness Level Test” and prepared elaborate SOPs for various occasions keeping in mind the guidelines of the Government of India and Government of Nagaland and the customary practices of the Konyaks.

The District Task Force, the Empowered Group, Konyak Union (KU), Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong (KNSK), Konyak Students’ Union (KSU) and Konyak Baptist Bumeinok Bangjúm (KBBB) would together reach every citizen of Mon District.

Steps to revive the economy of Mon district;

Mon District Task Force notified two committees to revive the economy of Mon District. The two committees are: “Committee on Creation of Livelihood Opportunities” and “Committee on Improving Self Reliance of Mon District for Commodities”.

The former would look into creating Job opportunities for returnees and enhancing the local economy of Mon District and the later would look into creating sufficient buffer stock of essential commodities and reducing dependence for essential commodities on other states/districts.

The committees have members from the District Administration, Civil Society Organizations and various departments among others. The committees have been tasked to submit their reports within one month.