Mokokchung Police Family Welfare Assists Departments with Safety Gears

(SP, Mokokchung, Shri Vishal, IPS donating local made PPEs)

Kohima, April 07 (NE): Mokokchung has always been a forefront in Nagaland through many ways. In one such motivational news, the police personnel at Mokokchung are not leaving any stone unturned to take all the necessary steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak and to protect its citizens from this deadly virus.

Mokokchung Police Family Welfare under the initiative of Smti Priyanka Senger, the lady wife of SP, Mokokchung, Shri Vishal, IPS, prepared about 120 litres of Hand sanitizers, as per the World Health Organisation (WHO) specifications, with the assistance of faculty of the Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung by the end of March 31, 2020. The sanitizers are being issued to all the personnel of the unit alongwith face Masks, the department informed.

A press release by Mokokchung Police informed that, they also donated the following equipments to different departments;

1. 2nd NAP Unit Hospital, Alichen Quarantine facility center:

– 08 (Eight) PPE suits

– 40 (Forty) nos. Face Masks,

– 20 (Twenty) pairs surgical Hand gloves.

– 10 bottles (100 ml) of hand Sanitizers.

2. Administration:

– 1000 (One Thousand) Face Masks.

3. Chief Medical Officer (for medical department), Mokokchung:

– 2460 (Two thousand four hundred and sixty) Face Masks

– 40 (Forty) PPE suits with inner suit for medical personnel.

– 40 (Forty) pairs surgical hand gloves.

– 1 (One) Litre Sodium-Hypochlorite, disinfectant.

4. Food and Civil Supply Office Mokokchung;

– 15 (Fifteen) Nos. Face masks.

– 10 (Ten) Pairs surgical Hand gloves.

5. All ward Union, Mokokchung;

– 270 (Two Hundred Seventy) Nos. of face masks (i.e. 15 face masks each

for 18 wards under Mokokchung town).

6. Ao Senden;

– 35 (Thirty-five) Nos. of Face masks.

7. Ao Students Conference (AKM);

– 10 (Ten) Nos. Face Masks.

8. Watsu Mongdang, Mokokchung;

– 05 (Five) Nos. Face Masks.

It is important to note that Mokokchung has lead the way in community participation at a crucial time like this to fight Covid-19 pandemic. Safety of the frontline workers are very important and it is the need of the hour to battle against the unseen deadly virus.