Miss Nagaland 2019 – Vikuonuo Sachü: Behind the beauty lies patience, determination and faith | Exclusive

(Miss Nagaland 2019 – Vikuonuo Sachü | Photo: NagalandExpress)

Kohima, December 16 (NE): Vikuonuo Sachü,18 year old from Kohima village, a class 12 student at Model Higher Secondary School, shares her exciting journey in winning the Miss Nagaland 2019 title on December 9, 2019.

Speaking exclusively with NagalandExpress, Vikuonuo said, I grew up with my grandparents who moulded me to be who I am today. My friends helped me in showing their love and support even through social media and in person, they kept me motivated and helped me in giving better effort, she added.

Being crowned Miss Nagaland 2019– she exclaims that it tremendously brought a lot of realisation because her entire life changed from one night. ‘I have the old and new routine the next morning, a number of people looking up at me and it brought me a belief that I should always be very well versed in presenting myself. This journey has taken me a long way in motivating myself and inspiring people all around me’, she added.

As a 13 year old girl, Vikuonuo wanted to be a part of the pageantry life and always aspire to be the next Miss Nagaland. She recalls, ‘As my journey continued, Patience was my greatest sword, believing was my only option and putting my faith motivated the most. Because of all the effort and determination on myself, it really helped me to be able to stand here as your Miss Nagaland 2019’, she added.

Sharing about her inspiration; Vikuonuo mentioned all the previous Miss Nagaland title holders who really inspired her, because they stood for the best and was able to convince the society that beauty is not the only thing that can inspire people but it can be a voice of change that can be brought up by such title holders.

About future plans; she said, ‘After winning the 2nd runner up, Miss Kohima 2019, I started an anti-bullying campaign with the 1st runner up, Khrielevinuo Suohu alongwith Agatho society, since we were also a victim of bullying. We have already visited 6 schools under Kohima and the response was so good. We have a huge responsibility as a title holder, to be a voice of change. We also want to spread the message that the people who bully also has their own problems and we want to help both the victims and the bullyers. Apart from that, I aspire to become a psychiatrist as I believe that ‘a way of understanding brings a way of healing.’

Before coming into contact with the Beauty and Aesthetics Society Nagaland (BASN), she said she was first with the Agatho society of Miss Kohima organisation. ‘They were the one who pushed me to go for Miss Nagaland and I was able to present myself in a better way to the BASN because of their efforts. When I joined BASN, it brought me not just a development of myself but also gave a belief upon myself where I can stand not just wearing those high heels but to be that one voice that reaches out to many others’.

Encouraging the youth Vikuonuo said, “Always keep believing in yourselves because opportunities comes in plenty but your dream just comes once”.