Minister S Pangnyu Phom directed to setup inquiry committee on alleged medical negligence at Naga Hospital Authority Kohima

Kohima, August 29 (NE): Minister of Health and Family Welfare S Pangnyu Phom have directed the department to immediately set up an inquiry committee and submit a report to the Government on the alleged medical negligence which occurred in Naga Hospital Authority Kohima on Wednesday (August 28).

Minister was responding to the Facebook posts of Cthitü Nienü which has gone viral in “The Naga Blog” Facebook page, about the death caused by alleged medical negligence at Naga Hospital Authority Kohima.

Cthitü Nienü said in Facebook posts; Ahhh…. Another case of Medical negligence in the Labour room of Naga Hospital Authority Kohima.

Around 5 pm on Wednesday (August 28) we lost our sister-in-law who had just delivered a healthy baby girl. Unfortunately there was severe bleeding (postpartum haemorrhage) but the nurses did not care even though she bleed continuously for hours.

When the family members asked why the nurses were not doing anything they scolded them saying it was normal. When the family members asked when they were going to call the Doctors on duty the Nurse-in-charge scolded them again.

The concerned family members once again asked if they needed to do blood test of blood transfusion they were again scolded and insulted.

Then our sister-in-law went into hypovolemic shock and only then did the nurses send the family members to go search for blood in the blood bank. But it was already too late.

She died leaving behind her husband, a newly born daughter, another 5 year old daughter and a 7 year old son who will never get to feel the love and warm of a mother all because of the negligence and arrogance of the nurses in the delivery room.

This is an all too familiar story of medical negligence that has been occuring in the Delivery Room of NHAK for so many years. (Facebook posts Copy pasted)