Minister PHED Jacob Zhimomi Inaugurates Clock Tower at Wokha

The Minister for Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Jacob Zhimomi inaugurated a Clock Tower at Wokha on December 11
(Newly inaugurated clock tower at Wokha today, December 11, 2020| Photo: Twitter)

Kohima, December 11 (NEx): The Minister for Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Jacob Zhimomi inaugurated a Clock Tower at Wokha on December 11, 2020. The Clock tower was constructed under the initiative of Deputy CM Y. Patton.

PHED Minister, Jacob Zhimomi addressing the public expressed his happiness to be a part of epoch making landmark structure inauguration in Wokha district. He thanked Dy. CM Y. Patton for generously constructing thr clock tower from his own resources for his community. He said that Lothas are fortunate to have a senior benevolent leader, who is second in command to lead the State.

While speaking, he mentioned on the water supply for Wokha town which was inaugurated last year at Vankhosung main reservoir and assured that the department will try its best to give at least the basic requirement of water supply from the said reservoir before next year monsoon. He also said that the department could not augment adequate water storage due to some technical problem which will be rectified soon.

Meanwhile, Minister Jacob Zhimomi took to twitter and said, ‘Inaugurated the clock tower at wokha town in the presence of Hon’ble Dy. CM Yanthungo Patton today. Dedicated it to the people of wokha town. Aided by shri Patton’.

Deputy CM Y. Patton in an official tweet said that the inauguration of the Clock Tower at Wokha Town today by Hon’ble Minister Shri Jacob Zhimomi is a momentous event.

He tweets, ‘Heartiest congratulations to everyone involved with the project and to the people of Wokha. It’s our collective responsibility now to take good care of it’- unquote.

The Dy. CM also said that the Clock Tower, constructed under LADP 2019-20 in the heart of Wokha Town, is a symbol of our heritage and will bear witness to changes taking place & progress being made.

Further, Mhondamo Lotha on behalf of Lotha Hoho in particular and public in general thanked the Dy. Chief Minister & Home Minister, Y. Patton for constructing the Clock Tower from his own initiative.

The programmed was chaired by Deputy Commissioner, Wokha Orenthung Lotha while, benediction prayer for the inauguration of the clock tower was pronounced by Executive Secretary, LBCA, Rev. L. Tsanso.

(With inputs from DIPR)